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Some things to know about the ingredients and cooking methods.

I have my own herb patch in my garden therefore herb prices calculated in recipes are general. For those of you who are interested in having a herb patch, I have mint, thyme, rosemary and oregano. All herbs can be dried and frozen!

Always use flat leaf parsley as this has a stronger aroma in comparison to curly leaf parsley.

Most ingredients are readily available in any supermarket, however, I do have some preferences e.g. Cypriot potatoes, I find these are sweeter, softer and tastier to use.

We will be coming across some ingredients e.g. toro, which is common in my culture but I will be describing unknown foods as best I can. For the more unknown ingredients, these can be found in Cypriot, Greek and Turkish local shops in and around London.

Keep in mind that some ingredients used are seasonal therefore prices will vary.

All spoon measures are level unless otherwise specified.

Costing is a general guide, if you prefer organic, free range or top end supermarkets please keep this in mind when comparing my costing.

Pressure cookers are commonly used in Cyprus. If you choose to use one, half the cooking time.

I am not a fan of pork but some recipes are specific to pork meat being used e.g. keftedes, traditional meat balls. If pork can be used in various recipes, I will mention this in the tips section.

Tie your hair back!

For now, that’s it. Let’s cook to eat!

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