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Rice - So Damn Hard To Make

Why is it rice is so damn hard to make?!

This has taken me a good few years to perfect. First time I attempted to make plain boiled rice, I made it perfectly. Thought to myself ‘what is everyone finding so difficult?’

I’ll tell you exactly what it was that made that one time, a one off success for me ....luck. Yup, it was a complete fluke! Have never got it right ever again and that was around 12 years ago.

After years of achieving mushy rice, under cooked rice, burnt rice tasteless and microwaved rice, I went to my grandmothers. One said ‘I don’t make rice, I don’t like it’

The other ....’what are you finding so difficult?’ My answer to her, ‘EVERYTHING!’ She then proceeded to explain her method in the same way my mum explained fakes, remember that one?!

Learning how to cook from my grandmothers and mum was proving to be more difficult than I originally thought but, once we got there, it was worth the effort.

I have since then, binned the microwave.


1 full Cup of Basmati Rice

1.5 Cups Water



Place rice in a saucepan with water and bring to a boil.

Add salt and cover with lid.

Lower heat, do not open until water runs out.

If your lid is not glass or see through, remove the lid after 10mins.

Season to taste.


Cost less than £1 for 2 persons.

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