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Dips - Some Pretty Great Dips!

I loved making these! They were surprisingly easy to make and not so surprisingly easy to scoff!

We’ve got some pretty great dips, us Cypriots, and these can be accompanied with pretty much anything you want to serve ....on the flip side, this can be a problem.

If you have ever eaten ‘meze’ at a Greek restaurant, you will recall that all the cold dips and salad is served right at the start of this marathon eating feast. If you haven’t, I would suggest you book a table at your local Greek restaurant as soon as possible as you’re missing out!

I have starved myself throughout the day because I’ve got a big dinner planned with friends or attending a party and planning on over indulging or I’ve been ‘good’ for too long (3 consecutive days) and I deserve a break God damn it!

Here’s the thing, the dips are all laid out in front of me, I’m starving, I lose all my self-control together with all my dignity and comfortably woof down half a basket of pitta bread together with every dip option available to me.

I don’t care anymore, this is just too good, and if I’m honest, if I was in the privacy of my own home, I could quite comfortably scoff an entire packet of pitta bread with these. Not one pitta bread, oh no, one packet of pitta bread.

And it’s here that I make the same mistake over and over again come the hot starters, here come the specialities, here comes the fish, here come the meats, here comes the food coma, here comes the regrets, here comes the unbuttoning of the jeans (why did I wear jeans?!), here comes the fruit platter, the syrupy desserts, the coffees accompanied with Turkish delights just to finish everything off.

I’ve heard that it takes time for your stomach to tell your brain that it’s full and for you to stop eating. As I waddle myself to the car I’m thinking there’s something wrong with me as my stomach said nothing to my brain and my mouth just kept on chewing!

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