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Louvi with Lahana - Louvilouvilouvilouvilouvi

As an adult, I’ve learnt to appreciate this dish and actually do miss it from time to time.

I hated this dish as a child, hated the smell when cooking and what kid likes pulses and greens anyway?!

When we were kids, my two sisters and I, would ask mum what was for dinner and if she had this on the cards she would say

‘Louvilouvilouvilouvilouvilouvilouvi’ really fast, over and over.

This had us in hysterics! Say louvi quickly, over and over, you will begin to say the word ‘villo’. The Greek word for penis. We were always in fits of giggles! It was the only time we were allowed to be rude because everyone including my mum would laugh. She still does.


200g Black Eyed Beans

2 Bunches Lahana (Swiss Chard or Seskoula)

1/2 Tsp Salt

Olive Oil

Lemon Juice


Lay out the beans in a plate and pick out the bad looking ones. Some may be bruised or broken or wrinkled.

Place a saucepan with enough water to cover the beans on a hob and leave to boil for 10 -15 minutes.

Drain the water as this will become murky and greyish in colour.

Cover again with cold water bringing to a boil adding the salt. Cover with a lid to quicken the cooking process.

Once soft, drain and remove any loose skin that’s detached from the beans.

Cook Lahana (also known as Swiss Chard or Seskoula) separately until soft.

Either mix together or keep separate and serve with plenty of olive oil, lemon and salt.


I cook the Swiss Chard and beans separately as I like to mix these together myself. Some people like one more than the other so it’s nice to have the option of mixing together or not.

How long to boil the beans is entirely up to you. I like mine to have a mushy texture, you may prefer a more solid bean. It’s your choice. Same goes for the Swiss Chard.

Soaking the beans in water overnight will help speed up the cooking process.

I would describe this as a warm salad. You can add anything you want to this dish, radishes, spring onion, cherry tomatoes, cucumber. Serves extremely well with any fish, sea bass, tinned tuna, mackerel, it’s your call.

This is a fantastic lunch dish.


Cost £12.99 per kg, 200g serves 4 persons.

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